Los Santos Rifas

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Los Santos Rifas

Post  Andy_Jackson on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:48 pm


What's Your Name Ese?:
Where You From Mayng?:
Why You Wanna Join La Rifa Mayng?:
What Stuff Can You Bring To Tha Familia(Atleast 2 Lines)?:
Tell Us About Yourself?(Atleast 3 Lines):
Anything Else Ese?:


Where Do You Live?:
What Do You Think You Can Bring To the Gang?:
What Does 'MG' Mean?(Explain):
What Does 'PG' Mean?(Explain):
What Does 'TK' Mean?(Explain):
What Does 'CK' Mean?(Explain 2 Answers):
What Does 'Mixing' Mean?(Explain):
Explain Your RP Story In Plain English(No Slang):
Other Comments?:

You Will Get Either:
Accepted On Trial (Meaning You Will Get An Ingame Test To Become a Recruit)
Denied (Not Accepted, Might Involve Not Reading rules)
Pending (Still Awaiting Decision)


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