Grove Street Families

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Grove Street Families

Post  Andy_Jackson on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:33 pm

Orange Grove Families Application

What is your server name?:
Have you ever been banned from this, or any other servers, if yes, why?:
Have you EVER used any kind of hacks/cheats?:
Have you played on any other RP servers before, if yes, whitch?:
Where do you live?[country]:
What is your time zone?:
How active are you?:
What is your level on the server?:
When did you join this server?:
For how long have you RPed?:
Why you want to join OGF?:
What can you do for this gang?:
What is RP? explain it!:
What is MG? explain it!:
What is PG? explain it!:
What is DM? explain it!:
What is TK? explain it!:
What is CK? explain it![2 answers]:
What is B-hop? explain it!:
Tell whitch of these questions above, that is allowed:
You see an enemy, you wanna kidnap and kill him, explain how YOU would do it RPly!:
You see a LSPD officer patroling, you know you did a crime not long time ago, explain what YOU would
do RPly?:
If you snitch on the gang of ANY kind, you will get kicked no matter if we only know it OOCly, do you agree on this?:
Tell me your character story, without any slang or street words[Minimum 10 lines!]:
Have you readed, and understood the rules of the server, and this faction?:


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